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ONE: A Group Exhibition

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Sat, Jul 24, 2010 → Sat, Sep 11, 2010

Jonathan Faber, Sara Frantz, Dan Sutherland and Vincent Valdez

Please join us to celebrate our first anniversary, and the grand opening of art360 Gallery next door.

Dan Sutherland; Pushy Right
Dan Sutherland; Red Dragon
Dan Sutherland; Preschool
George Schroeder; Iceland 3
George Schroeder; Iceland 4
George Schroeder; Iceland 5
Judith Cottrell; Polar Bear
Judith Cottrell; Polar Bear Jr.
Jonathan Faber; Bust, 2010; oil on canvas; 24 x 21 in.
Jonathan Faber; Coupled Superstition
Jonathan Faber; Inlet Outlet
Sara Frantz; Bight
Winkelman, TX, Sara Frantz
Vincent Valdez; Any Minute Now (Bang/Boom)
Vincent Valdez; Laugh Today, Cry Manana