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Sat, Jul 25, 2009 → Thu, Sep 24, 2009

Holly Hein Brooks & Bryson Brooks, Alejandro Diaz, Joey Fauerso, Diana Kersey, Scott Lifshutz, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Michele Monseau, Cruz Ortiz, Chuck Ramirez, Daniel Saldaña, Al Souza, Dan Sutherland and Michael Velliquette

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Multiples is an exploration of how varying forms, elements, and formats can be conceived and repeated on an individual basis, and then brought together to create a cohesive multimedia experience.

Multiples Exhibit
Multiples Exhibit
Multiples Exhibit
Multiples Exhibit
Al Souza_Multiples
Alejandro Diaz_Multiples
Chuck Ramirez_Multiples
Cruz Ortiz_Multiples
Dan Sutherland_Multiples
Daniel Saldana_Multiples
Diana Kersey_Multiples
Franco Mondini-Ruiz_Multiples
Frank Hein_Multiples
Holly Hein Brooks, Bryson Brooks_Multiples
Joey Fauerso_Multiples
Jung Hee Mun_Multiples
Kimberly Aubuchon_Multiples
Leslie Raymond_Multiples
Michael Velliquette_Multiples
Scott Lifshutz_Multiples