Mira Dancy




MFA Visual Arts, Columbia University, School of the Arts, New York, NY.


BA Studio Art, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.




(upcoming), Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


KANSAS, Bodytonic, New York, NY.


Night Gallery, No Eyes For Irma, Los Angeles, CA.




David Shelton Gallery, Rumpus Room, Houston, TX

Zach Feuer, Don’t Look Now, organized by 247365, New York, NY.

Metropolitan Art Society, Forever, Beirut, Lebanon.

Hothouse, TGIMyself, organized by Night Gallery, KnowMoreGames, and BlackRock, New York, NY.

Suzanne Geiss Company, Particular Pictures, curated by Emily Ludwig Schaffer and Joshua Abelow, New York, NY.

Bleecker Street Arts Club, Feeling Human: Mira Dancy / Austin Eddy / Ryan Schneider, New York, NY.

White Flag Projects Library,  Mira Dancy, St. Louis, MO.


Side Effects Gallery, SPLAZITCH!, Brooklyn, NY.

Regina Rex, Snail Salon, curated by Adrianne Rubenstein, Brooklyn, NY.

Infernoesque, Nackter Glaubigen, curated by Davida Nemeroff, Berlin, Germany.

Thierry Goldberg, Mira Dancy, Jessica Williams, Summer Wheat, New York, NY.

Artadia, Cutting Across the Horizon/ Works by Mira Dancy & Alice Shaw, Brooklyn, NY.


Projekt 722, Temperature, Brooklyn, NY.

Night Gallery, Invagination Requires Write to Life, Los Angeles, CA.

LA Platform, Night Gallery, Barcelona, Los Angeles, CA.

Bull & Ram, Christian Sampson/Mira Dancy/Sascha Braunig, Brooklyn, NY.

Primetime, Jennifer Sullivan: It’s A Process, with special guest appearances by Mira Dancy & Debo Eilers, Brooklyn, NY.

Pioneers of Inspiration, Greasy Luck, Brooklyn, NY.

Hanns Eisler Nail Salon, Invagination:Hunger is Real, Brooklyn, NY.

Wavers, Curated and hosted by EJ Hauser and Rob Nadeau, Brooklyn, NY.


Invagination/ A Seagull Presents Woman To Woman, 6-8 Months Space, New York, NY.

Sara Meltzer Gallery, Tidepool, MADAM performance, New York, NY.


Participant, Inc., Collective Show, New York, NY.

Night Gallery, MADAM hosts: Accessorx, Los Angeles, CA.

Economy Projects, Das Heilmittel, Frankfurt, Germany.

SouthFirst, Acts Are For Actors, Brooklyn, NY.

French Neon Pop-Up Space, Visionary/Visions Are Scary, Brooklyn, NY.

Night Gallery, Private Life, Los Angeles, CA.

Invagination: The Death of a Hamster, New York, NY.

Exit Art, New Mirrors, New York, NY.


Silver Shed Gallery, ABCyz, New York, NY.

C.R.E.A.M Projects, Whitney's Biennial, Brooklyn, NY.

Heist Gallery, Jennifer Sullivan’s It’s A Process: Garage Sale, New York, NY.

Eighth Veil, WRONG: A Program of Word and Image, Los Angeles, CA.

Fisher Landau Center for Art, Columbia University MFA Thesis Exhibition, Queens, NY.



After Stanley Donen. Edited by Jibade-Khalil Huffman, published by Eighth Veil/Paper Chase Press, Los Angeles, 2009.

Popular Hallucinations for the Home. Text by Karen Davidson. Produced by Mass Gallery and Refraction Arts, 2007.

Re:Generation/35th Anniversary of the Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series. Catalog published by Douglass College and Rutgers University Libraries, 2005.



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Mira Dancy; Psychic Pawn, 2014; acrylic on canvas; 22 x 19 in.
Mira Dancy; Psychic Massage Vibrations, 2013; acrylic on canvas; 36 x 24 in.