Diana Kersey

Diana Kersey is a visual artist who works in clay, creating both studio pottery and architectural ceramics. Her work possesses a raw, textural quality, with the clay encompassed in a translucent, earthy glaze. The birds, insects, fish, and flowers present in her work suggest a primordial narrative, while the underlying decorative grids and motifs capture the relentless energy, complexity, and contradictions that pulse through our contemporary society.

Kersey earned a MFA in ceramics from Washington State University in 1997, and a BFA in drawing from Texas Tech University in 1994. Kersey has served as an instructor at the Southwest School of Art and Craft, San Antonio College, and Palo Alto College. She has lived and maintained a studio in San Antonio, TX since 1998.

Handled Bee Pot (detail), Diana Kersey
Face Jugs, Diana Kersey
Face Jugs, Diana Kersey
Face Jug (detail), Diana Kersey
Fish Pot, Diana Kersey
Thumb Pot, Diana Kersey
Pierced Bird Pot, Diana Kersey
Red Rose Pot, Diana Kersey
Small Bird Pot, Diana Kersey