Samuel T. Adams

Samuel T. Adams’ works are composed of iconic sculptural assemblages that combine tropes and beams with arcs and waves; collections of objects resembling spears, clovers, arrows and primitive stone tools; and imagery that morphs into warning signs, pathways or passages. His last works introduce an expanded lexicon from previous works with a varietal of curvilinear forms, as well as a breakthrough into hot electric color achieved by numerous permeations of pigments - a rich palette that glows in an imagined darkness.


The inner workings and their myriad of labor-laden processes dictate the eventual reveal, from sculpture reversed into painting via a form of primitive printmaking. Hidden on the inside and on the verso of each canvas is an intricate constellation, template, or architectural interface of wooden forms, hardware and raised surfaces that he builds. The mysterious yet certainly destructive process - evidenced by holes and tears in the canvas - further underscores the cryptic imagery and its derivations.


Samuel T Adams received his MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York in 2009. His site-specific solo show at Dutton, New York in 2015, Agapē Agape, received outstanding critical attention. Adams’ work was included in Four Sided Triangle at Spring/Break and has been included in numerous group exhibitions including D&F Gallery, New York; Left Field, San Luis Obispo; Fitzroy Gallery, New York; ZieherSmith, New York; Regina Rex, New York; and Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati. Recent press includes PAPER Magazine, Hyperallergic, Artinfo and The L Magazine. 

Samuel T. Adams; Cardsharper, 2016; acrylic and carborundum on canvas; 27 x 22 in.