Michael Bise

Born Flagstaff, Arizona 1976
Currently lives and works in Houston, Texas




Master of Fine Arts, University of Houston, Houston, Texas


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas




Artadia Finalist

Nominee for the Texas Contemporary Award (TXC Award)

Hunting Art Prize




Love in the Kingdom of the Sick, Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas

Flagstaff, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas, Curator: Clint Willour

Life and Death, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, Texas 


Epilogues, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, Curator: Christina Rees 


Blood Poisoning, Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas


Holy Ghosts!,  Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas


Birthday, Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas


Joey and Melissa, Small A Projects, Portland, Oregon


Widow, Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas

Life and Death, University of Houston Project Gallery, Houston, Texas




Parallel Myths, David Shelton Gallery, Houston, Texas

FaceTime- An Exploration of Portraiture, Curated by Mary Beyt and Brian Guidry,

Acadiana Center for the Arts , Lafayette, Louisiana

Dramedy, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Texas Christian University School of Art, Fort Worth, Texas

Mirrored and Obscured: Contemporary Texas Self-Portraits, Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Texas


Glassell School of Art Faculty Show, Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas (curated by Sandie Zilker)


Mortal Men, three-person exhibition with Seth Mittag and Mark Ponder, Gaddis Geeslin

Gallery, Sam Houston State University, Curator: Michael Henderson

50 Humans, Inaugural Exhibition, The Brandon, Houston, Texas

Texas Biennial, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas

Editions, Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas


The State of Drawing, The Gallery at UTA, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, Curator: Benito Huerta (catalogue)


35 Years: Anniversary Exhibition, Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas

Houston Group of National American Painting Issue #90 Winners, G Gallery, Houston, Texas


Death of a Propane Salesman- Anxiety and the Texas Artist, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, Curator: Christina Rees


Joannaversary, The Joanna Gallery, Houston, Texas

The Drawing Room, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas, Curator: Clint Willour 

Fathom, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, Curator: Mary Mikel Stump


No Skeleton Armies, Please, The Joanna Gallery, Houston, Texas

Aqua Art Fair, Aqua Hotel, Miami, Florida (Small A Projects, Portland, Oregon)


Jupiter Affair, Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon (Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas

Perspectives 152: Four Artists, Four Stories, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas, Curator: Paola Morsiani (catalogue)

Drawing III (Selected), g-module, Paris, France


All I Want Is Everything, Small A Projects, Portland, Oregon

Masters Thesis Exhibition, Blaffer Gallery, Houston, Texas


Art Crawl, CSAW, Houston, Texas, Juror: Sharon Engelstein

Rock, Paper, Scissors, CSAW, Houston, Texas, Curator: Brittany Bly

Jupiter Affair, Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon (Savage Art Resources, Portland, Oregon)

State of Affairs, Savage Art, Portland, Oregon, Curator: Stuart Horodner


Summer Breeze: New Houston Painting, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, Texas



Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

Piggozi Collection, New York, New York




University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas


Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas




Artist’s Picks, Alliance Gallery, Houston Arts Alliance, Houston, Texas



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Michael Bise; Between You and Me, 2014; graphite on paper; 61 x 44 in., irregular
Michael Bise; Jesus Christ!, 2014; graphite on paper; 65 x 47 in.