Mark Delong

Mark DeLong is a self-taught artist working in a range of media, including sculpture, drawing, painting and sequential art. His work has featured a rotating cast of characters in situations both ordinary and surreal. Drawing inspiration from dreams, popular television and the absurdities in day-to-day life, DeLong's work combines humor with a raw and spontaneous aesthetic. As a metaphor for artistic process and art making from a primitive perspective, Mark DeLong creates paintings with a fresh color palette, broad marks and active abstraction.


His work has been exhibited at Colette, Paris, France; Abel Neue Kunst Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Perugi Art Contemporenea, Padova, Italy; Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art and COOPER COLE Gallery, Toronto, Canada; ACME, Los Angeles; Spencer-Brownstone Gallery, Ed. Varie, Little Cakes, New York; Halsey McKay, East Hampton, NY. DeLong currently lives and works in Vancouver. He is represented by COOPER COLE Gallery in NY