Margaux Ogden

Margaux Ogden’s paintings are composed of fluid and confident freehand gestures in evenly fragmented compositions, rendered in blocks of cool mint pastels, luxe lavenders and little pops of fluorescence. Her work is an adventure in abstraction with hieroglyphic gestures and spontaneous symbols. Get close enough to read the texts embedded within the composition and you’ll find blips of mysterious notes and numbers.


Ogden has always been interested in the difference between incidental mark making and intentional mark making and how those come together in painting. Drawing is evident in her latter pieces, as she wanted to treat the paint more like a drawing tool to make her work even more personal. She is fascinated with the provisional moment in painting – the unfinished quality, the evidence of hand, and paying attention to when to stop.


Margaux Ogden received her MFA from Boston University in 2012. Her work has been included in solo exhibitions at ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, CA; and Freight + Volume, New York, NY. Group exhibitions include EDDYSROOM, Brooklyn, NY; David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX; and Johannes Vogt, East Hampton, NY. Her work has been featured in Los Angeles Times, Artinfo and Flaunt Magazine. 

Margaux Ogden; Pure Ritual, 2016; acrylic on raw canvas; 20 x 18 in.