Denise Kuperfschmidt

Denise Kupferschmidt’s art is enlivened with fantastical fiction and religious texts comingled in a reality-warping conceptual practice. Trained in printmaking, material –– particularly paper –– plays a highly important role in her works, such as in her colorfully dyed symmetrical cut-out compositions. In some works she adapts or disregards the spiritual and fairytale imagery, and instead opts for a visual vocabulary that is sleek, geometric and often quite minimal.


Genderless figures with large swooping limbs are a recurring motif, so much so that even her purely geometric works begin to appear figural or partially reminiscent of the human forms that are described as inanimately as possible. She dares the viewer to see something human in her abstract construct. Instead of overloading the viewer with information, she reduces the image as much as possible, creating an inscrutable image that falls somewhere between person and object. In addition to printmaking, Kupferschmidt produces sculpture, paintings and drawings.


Denise Kupferschmidt received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 2002. Kupferschmidt’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY; PACS Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; and COOPER COLE Gallery, Toronto. Press includes Modern Painters Magazine, New York Times, Time Out New York and Artinfo. Kupferschmidt is represented by Halsey McKay Gallery in East Hampton, NY. 

Denise Kupferschmidt; Bust, 2014; acrylic on canvas; 24 x 19 in.