Amy Feldman

Amy Feldman is an abstract painter known for her loosely geometric figures set against areas of bare canvas. The same geometric figures activate the ground, dispelling any metaphors of the mechanical. Feldman is captivated by figure/ground relationships and negotiating the space between them, the space that flips between something and nothing. She is interested in highlighting the areas between figure and ground that might be ignored.


Her back-to-back basics abstraction, characterized by simple forms and minimal color, puts emphasis on the process behind the paintings. Feldman’s process ensues from a vague vision of the finished work and entails thumbnail sketches, taping the shapes onto the canvas, and finally, painting. The images evolve considerably along the way as she seeks to retain the casualness of her preliminary sketches, often based on her surroundings, yet she also strives for poise. She feels the unfinished quality in her work is in dialogue with the landscape – the forms are carefully articulated yet under-polished.


Amy Feldman received her MFA in Painting from Rutgers University in New Jersey in 2008 and her BFA in painting with concentration in art history, theory and criticism from Rhode Island School of Design in 2003. Feldman’s work has been included in solo exhibitions at the Blain Southern, Germany; ANNAELLE Gallery, Sweden; Corbett vs Dempsey, Chicago; and Brand New Gallery, Italy. Notably press includes articles in The New York Times, Vogue, Hyperallergic, Art in America and Art Forum. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn.