Michael Velliquette

Michael Velliquette is a mixed media artist, most known for his works with cut, painted paper. His work insists on a new spiritual vocabulary — one that combines aspects of early 20th century formalism, and contemporary sensibilities about the handmade, with a visual lexicon he has developed over the past two decades. This vocabulary is bright, dense, ornamental, and is punctuated with recurring motifs such as hands, eyes, flowers, planets, mandalas and goofy, smiley faces.

Color plays a powerful role in his work and acts to convey a sense of optical fullness or visual generosity in the viewer. The labor-intensive nature of his practice correlates to a kind of studio-induced mindfulness. For Velliquette, the labor of art making deals with being in the moment in a nonjudgmental state. His choice to work with paper is a conscious one to utilize an everyday material and to open a view into imagined worlds.

Michael received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a BFA from Florida State University. His work has been shown in solo shows at the David Shelton Gallery, Houston, and DCKT Contemporary New York. He currently resides in Madison, WI where he is a Faculty Associate for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Department.

Michael Velliquette; The Serpent of Wisdom and Clarity, 2014; paper, acrylic; 25 x 25 x 2 in.
Michael Velliquette; The Serpent of the First Hands, 2014; paper, acrylic, ink; 46 x 44 x 3 in.
Michael Velliquette; The Serpent of the Grand Prismatic Vision, 2014; paper, acrylic; 40 x 40 x 3 in
Michael Velliquette; Skin and Bones, 2010; cut card stock, bristol board, glue; 41 x 32 x 6 in.
Michael Velliquette; Outsider, 2012; acrylic, ink, mixed media on paper; 12 x 12 x 1 in.
Michael Velliquette; Lingam, 2012; paper, acrylic, ink, glue; 12 x 12 in.
Michael Velliquette; Jam Master, 2012; acrylic, ink, mixed media on paper; 12 x 12 x 1 in.
Michael Velliquette; Singularity, 2012; paper, ink, acrylic, various drawing media; 21 x 31 in.